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What is dedicated web hosting and how to choose?

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When you run a website one of the most important thing that you need to choose is a web hosting service. There are many different type of web hosting services that are available and each one has their own advantage but if you are looking for a best web hosting service then it is always advised that the one should always choose and go for a dedicated web hosting server.

One of the biggest questions that always come in mind is that why you need a European dedicated server?, this is due to the fact there are many companies that provide good and cheap dedicated server but experts advised to choose the server that located in Europe because they are reliable, always provide high speed network, best in terms of security and more.

Dedicated server – this web hosting service whole server is leased or dedicated to any organization or to any website owner. That allows the server owner to have complete control on the website. This type of server is best for those who runs a business and needed more secure and reliable server.

How to choose the server

  1. Processor – there are many different type of processor that are used in order to make that server powerful. However it is totally depending on you that how strong server you want. Website that generally need strong server are specialized gaming server, SQL server, virtualization server and more.
  2. Bandwidth – the one should choose bandwidth as per the traffic of their website. However it is important for you because it determine that how much data will be transferred from the website to server and server to website at certain time period. If your website receives more traffic or if your website contains videos, scripts and images then you should choose large bandwidth.