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What Is Hydroxycitric Acid? Is It a Reliable Supplement for Weight loss?

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Hydroxycitric acid is found and is extracted from fruit rinds of Garcinia atroviridis, Garcinia indica and Garcinia cambogia. It is also found in flowers of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and Hibiscus subdariffa plants. Hydrocitric acid is quite identical to citric acid. The benefits of consuming hydroxycitric acid is weight loss, along with proper exercises.

Uses and benefits of hydroxycitric acid

  • Taking HCA for 5 days will uplift your exercising performance and stamina of an untrained individual or athlete as well.
  • Evidence and research on weight loss benefits is still not clear, but some studies claim that HCA consumption for at least 8 week will help in weight reduction. However, a few studies also claim that if consumed for 2 weeks by an obese patient, then it will show positive results.
  • It is useful in preventing fat storage and also helps to control your appetite.

Researches on animals have proved that it provide positive results on increase in lipid metabolism. However, as per clinical study for benefits in humans such as weight reduction and increase of stamina are still unknown. Hence, more researches and evidences are needed to prove the effectiveness for these uses.

What is the side effect you might experience?

HCA is considered to be safe if consumed for less than 12 weeks orally, but you might experience minor side effects like nausea, giddiness, headache and discomfort in digestive tract. Long term safety is still not known.

Special warning and precaution to adhere

Studies have still not proved that it is safe for pregnant and breast feeding mother and hence it would be better if you avoid its consumption and take special precautions.

There is a possibility that HCA consumption might lower the blood clotting process in our body which might lead to excessive bruising and bleeding causing bleeding disorders. Hydroxycitric acid might lower the blood sugar level in our body, so constant monitoring of blood sugar rate is very important.

HCA intake should be completely avoided during surgery, as mentioned earlier that HCA lower blood clotting and affect blood sugar level. Hence, it would be difficult to regulate sugar control and bleeding during surgery. It is advisable to stop the consumption of HCA at least 2 week prior the surgery.

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