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What You Should Know About Post and Beam Garages

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If you are planning to do a new carport and you want a sturdy structure, you may want to give your local post and beam contractor in Seattle a call so they can tell you more about post and beam garages. Post and beam construction refers to an old building style that is more stable than most people can care to believe and is therefore a good option for a high quality garage. Apart from garages, anyone who is thinking about putting up a building that may look simple but has a long term structural design should seriously consider post and beam homes Seattle; they provide all the stability that you may want in a building.

One of the most prominent characteristics of post and beam homes Portland is that they are wide structures that provide homeowners with wide spaces especially when you want enough storage not only for your care but any other things that you value. Unlike the customary buildings that we are used to, post and beam homes Seattle plans provide this large space because the building have only a minimal number of posts and columns. What’s more, post and beam garage structures come with high ceilings which goes on to be more beneficial for use as garage; depending on your storage needs you can even make it more than one storey. 

When you are talking about post and beam construction in Seattle, this refers to a conventional construction style where wood beams are sued but they can be seen from both the inside and outside of the garage. In addition to the big post beams there are other smaller ones that will have been connected using pegs as well as mortise and tenon joints instead of using typical nails. The benefit of using this other method instead of nails is that the post and beam homes in Portland are likely to last much longer; there are other contractors who also use overlapping joints. What you need to remember about is that post and beam homes in Seattle are made using high quality hard woods like oak and they are therefore string and hardy.

Post and beam homes in Portland are extremely attractive and they are also a little expensive because they are also not very easy to build. You want to deal with a post and beam contractor in Seattle who has practiced the trade for a while and is therefore experienced in developing the highest quality buildings. Your post and beam garage will be built to last and they come in different designs that you can choose from according to your taste and preference. You don’t have to struggle with DIY kits if you don’t have the skill and time when there are a number of contractors nearby who can help you out.