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Winstrol which is a popular steroid is also called Stanozolol. This is similar to the naturally produced steroid testosterone. This steroid is developed in labs and is approved by the Federal Drug and Administration. This steroid purchased from Ovation pharmaceuticals was used in days when anabolic steroids were not used. Winstrol is used for many medical conditions and is approved.


This supplement winstrol is used for boosting the red blood cells production and is used for treating the patients who are suffering from anemia and also angioedema. People with these medical problems were popular with winstrol as it was used in treatment. Many bodybuilders, weight lifters and athletes are also known to this supplement winstrol. Many prefer to use this anabolic steroid as it is famous for its results. The best thing about winstrol is that many female athletes prefer to use this as it comes with few side effects which are reversible, unlike any other anabolic steroid. With less androgenic effects, it helps female athletes to build muscles. So when females use winstrol, effects like deep voice and hair loss are absent when the drug is used moderately. Anabolic steroids have the effects of androgen on the females who use the steroid. But winstrol will not convert into estrogen and it does not have the double bond which converts into estrogen.This steroid winstrol is also progestenic, so its free from the side effects of estrogen like high blood pressure and anxiety.

Winstrol cycle

Winstrolis used by many athletes for enhancing the performance. This supplement can be taken orally or in the form of injections. The injectable form comes in 25mg and 50mg dose. While, the oral form known as Winny is taken at a dosage of between 10mg -25mg.Winstrol is a supplement which can be purchased from any local pharmacy and it must be purchased with a prescription, which is from a qualified physician. One can also purchase Winstrol V pills or injections from internet, if prescription is not available. Purchasing through online is discreet, reliable as well as secured.

Winstrol for body builders

Winstrol does not have any side effects like water retention. While many anabolic steroids come with water retention. Water retention will oppose the hard work which is done by the builders and it does not help on in looking vascular. While winstrol from Ovation pharmaceuticals helps in building muscles and there will be no water retention. It also helps in enhancing the muscle quality and its not like other steroids which does not help in strengthening the muscles. When a person is using winstrol and if he workouts properly, then he will develop strong muscles. The endurance capacity of the muscles also increases with the usage of winstrol. This is caused because of the red blood cells production by winstrol. The red blood cells help in carrying oxygen to other parts of the body along with muscles and then muscles recover easily. Winstrol is preferred because it helps in building muscles while it does not add unnecessary fat.