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Winstrol – Pills or Injection? Information about This Steroid That Will Help You

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Winstrol, also known as Stanozolol, Strombafort. Stano, Stromba or others, is one of the most used steroids. Winstrol is so popular because it helps burn fat and strengthens muscle mass. It is a classic steroid used in definition cycles. This steroid is found in both pills and injectable form. Most people choose to use the oral variant, ie Winstrol pills because it is cheaper and easier to administer. However, the injectable Winstrol is very effective and is used more by bodybuilders.

The results to be expected from Winstrol Oral

As with all steroids, the main objective of Winstrol tablets is to push your body to quickly develop exceptional results. Your physique will improve considerably and your strength will increase to levels you have never thought possible. In summary, Winstrol will be of great help to your muscle development and optimize your earnings as long as you train intensively. The tablets release hormones in your body that are useful for muscle development. If you take Winstrol for injection or tablets, the results are the same: cutting and weight loss or fat replacement with muscle.

How much does Winstrol Oral cost compared to injectable Winstrol?

A box of stanozolol pills costs between 60-150 RON, depending a lot on one producer to another, but the price is also influenced by the number of pills the box contains.

With regard to the injectable Winstrol, a phial costs around $ 20, and for an injectable Winstrol cycle, you will definitely take extra money out of your pocket. This is because injections are taken daily or every other day.

How to cycle this oral anabolic supplement? With what other steroids can we combine Winstrol?

  • A classic definition cycle for intermediate-beginner users is composed only of Winstrol pills and would look like this: Weeks 1-2 by 20mg a day; Weeks 3-4 30mg / day; Week 5 – 40mg a day. It is also recommended to use a liver protector. These doses are not high and should not affect the body that we need post-cycle therapy, but it differs from person to person.
  • Another cycle with Winstrol that is more effective and a little more expensive would be based on Winstrol pills or injectable + Testosterone Propionate.

The cycle would take 6-8 weeks for 6 weeks to take 20-50mg Winstrol Pills per day + 1ml of Test. Prop at 2 days. And it would be more effective to use Winstrol injectable than pills and to make an injection every 2 days with 50-100mg.