This article is a brief summation of the disclaimer agreement for Ed The Future Website. The website is governed by the terms and conditions, and if you do not accept the terms, you should leave the site immediately. By accessing the website, you have agreed to the terms for all intents and purposes. This article is a summary of the disclaimer, and not the disclaimer itself. You are advised to read the disclaimer in its entirety before using the site.

Website Not Responsible for Content

The disclaimer informs the users of the website that technology is used in the operation of this site that is sometimes outside of our control, so no part of the site is guaranteed to be free of errors or continuously in working order. We will make a reasonable effort to keep the site accurate and free of errors. While we make every attempt to keep the site safe, we do not guarantee that this site is free of viruses or malicious software. Any part of the site can be modified or removed without notice to you.

General Information On Website

This website is meant as a means for you to obtain general information, and not intended as professional advice. Much of the disclaimer covers the privacy policies, website security, monitoring, general usage, and fees where they apply.

Personal Data Collection

In short, the privacy policy states that we do not collect personal data if you are just browsing the site, but some may be required for certain functions. Every effort will be made to keep your personal data secure. While your personal data is considered confidential, it may be shared with government agencies or third parties when it serves you, unless it is prohibited by law.

Secure Website

The security section of Ed The Future Website disclaimer discusses the use of technology to keep the website as secure as possible. There is always an inherent risk when using any website on the internet. The monitoring section of the disclaimer informs you that we reserve the right to monitor the site at any time. The portion of the disclaimer covering other usage is about defamation, inaccurate posts and publishing, illegal acts, and various security information. The fees section informs you that we reserve the right to charge fees for services we offer, and that we are not responsible for any fees charged by other sites. Any parts of this disclaimer that are invalid or unenforceable will be enforced as much as possible.

Spamming Policy

Spamming is also prohibited here. This covers posting several duplicate posts or replies, emailing unsolicited commercial advertisements, or any obnoxious behavior meant to interfere with the ability of others to enjoy the site.

General Information on Use of Website

While this brief summary can help you to understand what general information you will find in the disclaimer, it is in no way intended to replace the disclaimer. There is a great deal of information in the disclaimer that is not found in this article. If you are unsure of the rules and regulations enforced on this site, it is highly recommended that you refer to the full disclaimer.